Woodbridge Chiropractor Treats Low Back Pain

Hi, it’s Dr. Matthew Bortolussi, discussing low back pain, which I treat as a chiropractor in my Woodbridge clinic. Low back pain most often involves nerves, joints and muscles. These are mechanical causes of low back pain that tend to increase or decrease if you move or change position. It could be worse with bending forward or backward, or sitting versus standing. Mechanical causes of low back pain usually need mechanical solutions.

The Main Cause of Low Back Pain

A main cause of low back pain are bones of the spine which are not aligned or moving correctly. This problem in your spine affects the nerves traveling out from the spine at these levels. The signals these nerves transmit into the body become distorted, causing dysfunction in muscles and joints. These are vertebral subluxations and they prevent proper movement, and can cause muscle spasms, joint irritation, inflammation, and irritate sensitive nerves. In some cases of lower back pain, these sensitive nerves being irritated are the nerves that travel down into the leg as your sciatic nerve, causing leg pain, usually down the back of the thigh and can reach the foot. You may also suffer numbness, tingling or weakness in those parts.

Subluxations can be painful. Many cases of chronic low back pain are due to unaddressed subluxations. Chronic subluxations can cause the spine to wear out and decay, also known as arthritis. Subluxations rarely resolve on their own. They become bad habits of how your spine and nerves function, and cause chronic pain.

The Solution to Low Back Pain

Because a chiropractor is the only doctor to correct subluxations, using spinal adjustments, chiropractic care is often the last thing patients need to resort to for fixing their problem. Stop searching, because you’ve found your safe, effective solution to low back pain at Vellore Chiropractic & Wellness Centre in Woodbridge.