The Chiropractic Commute of Your Nervous System in Woodbridge

Many of us who live in Woodbridge or other areas of Vaughan have a daily commute to and from work that involves driving in our vehicle, whether part of the way or all of the way. Along that commute, most of the time, we are not alone. There are lots of vehicles on the road, and the flow of this traffic can go nice and smooth as planned, or there can be disruption of the flow of traffic, and problems can develop.

So what happens when there is bad weather such as snow or a collision? What if a vehicle breaks down and blocks traffic in one lane? All of these can interfere with the normal flow of traffic and as long as these problems are properly addressed in an appropriate amount of time – plow the snow, remove the vehicles from the collision scene, or tow the broken down vehicle — normal traffic can be restored without any further problems.

In addition to these events mentioned above, we can’t escape the simple fact that with several vehicles from sports cars to transport trucks driving on this road every day, the road experiences wear and tear. Heavy trucks compress the road surface and can cause an otherwise smooth road to become bumpy, while cracks and potholes can also contribute to making the road more difficult to drive on as years go by. It can get to the point where you avoid using the road to protect your vehicle from damage! Now remember that it’s the only road in to work and back. What now?

The potholes could be patched with a shovel of asphalt here and there, and the cracks can be filled with tar, but we all know that the road still is not as smooth as it used to be, nor as smooth as we want it to be. What’s the other option? A complete restoration of the road. A reconstruction of the road involves completely tearing up the asphalt, regrading and rolling the gravel underneath, and then finally repaving the road. A complete restoration can take months, as opposed to the bandaid patchwork of filling holes and cracks.

Your spine is the only road into your brain from all the information in your body. Likewise, your spine is the only road into body from all that information in your brain. Mental impulses from your brain to your body, and from your body to your brain travel through your spinal cord within your spine.

What happens when one lane is blocked because of a collision? Traffic slows down, things eventually get through but not as easily as or quickly as if the flow was normal.

When reconstructing, scrape off the asphalt, grade the ground underneath, lay a new foundation, then repave with new asphalt.

If you take better care of it after the repave, will it last longer than the first time around?

What happens if there is damage and the road closes down? Can you get where you want to go? Not until the damage is properly repaired.

What does this have to do with chiropractic? Dr. Matthew Bortolussi is your Woodbridge chiropractor who can provide care of your spine and nervous system, allowing your spine and nervous to serve your health best in life. Chiropractic care can restore and maintain the health of your spine and nervous system so they work reliably for you day and day out for years to come. Nobody wants a broken down spine. Chiropractic care in Woodbridge is safe, gentle, effective and conveniently provided at Vellore Chiropractic & Wellness Centre.