What is a Chiropractor?

Did you know there are more than 8,400 licensed Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) in the Canada, including 5,000 in Ontario alone. As the third largest health care profession behind only dentistry and medicine, millions of people each year receive chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care provides a different approach which doesn’t rely on pain-masking drugs or undergoing surgery. Many people, some medical doctors included, don’t realize that chiropractors and spend as many years as doctors in school, learning the same subjects including anatomy, physiology, neurology, radiology, nutrition and orthopedics. In some of these subjects, the training received by chiropractors exceeds that received by medical doctors.

Medical doctors recommend chiropractic

In the past, medical doctors who were unfamiliar with the unique approach of chiropractors to health and healing may have been hesitant to recommend chiropractic or even support their patients in seeking a chiropractor. However for those medical doctors who have educated themselves about chiropractic in order to better understand what so many patients have asked about over the years, these medical doctors have come to realize that chiropractic works and chiropractic is safe. Most medical doctors regularly refer their patients to chiropractors for help with a range of symptoms, everything from migraines and joint pain, to constipation and even visual and balance problems.

When it comes to addressing the most complaints such as low back pain (the #2 reason for visiting a medical doctor, behind upper-respiratory infection), organ dysfunction or other chronic disease symptoms, you might be wondering “How can my chiropractor help me with XYZ health problem?” Evidence shows that the effect receiving a chiropractic adjustment goes well beyond fixing bad backs or providing pain relief. Many unwanted symptoms suffered by children and adults today can be helped through the neurological influence of an adjustment. While some effects can be enjoyed immediately, other effects and clinical results warrant ongoing care, and your chiropractor will be able to outline the best approach to work with you towards whatever your treatment goals and health goals are.

Chiropractors are doctors

Chiropractors are trained doctors who specialize in detecting and reducing misalignments of the spine called vertebral subluxation that interfere with central nervous system function. At the local spinal level involved, subluxation can cause inflammation of the joint and nerve root as well as lack of motion which can cause joint degeneration. However, like the weak link in a chain, once an individual spinal segment is affected, or subluxated, the central nervous system as a whole is in a state of subluxation and changes how it transmits signals of information up and down between the body and brain.

Chiropractors are trained to carefully analyze the spine to determine the presence of vertebral subluxation, which occurs with poor spinal bone alignment, distorting the signals transmitted by the nervous system, affecting the messages being sent from the body up to the brain, and also the messages sent down from the brain to the body. Simply put, chiropractic care works and provides its effects and benefits is beneficial because it allows for better communication throughout all parts of the body.

Chiropractors perform hands-on chiropractic adjustments in order to restore proper spinal alignment and restore proper nervous system function. Chiropractors are trained to use their hands as their “instrument,” carefully perform specific and precise adjustments to the spine and nervous system.