The Four Principles of Health and Human Function

Your health is based on four very important principles and everything we do in our office is based on these principles.

Your Body is a Self-Regulating and Self-Healing Organism

Your body regulates itself, constantly monitoring its various functions and processes, keeping things in check.  If the body is too hot, it will sweat to cool you down.  If the body is too cold, it will shiver to warm you up.

Your body heals itself, by operating in a constant state of change and repair.  All the cells of your liver are replaced every month.  Your red blood cells are completely replaced and replenished every four months.  The cells that line and protect your stomach replace themselves every week.  These processes serve to replace damaged or worn out cells and tissue so that each bodypart, whether your liver, stomach, your muscles or your bones can maintain the best condition and best function.  This is health.  This is normal.

All this constant monitoring, regulating, repairing and replacing needs to follow precise and correct programming in order to occur properly.  Any small changes from the normal programming can lead to changes in the body, and changes to health.  All this programming requires something to run it all…

Your Nervous System Runs This Program

Your nervous system includes your brain, your spinal cord and all the nerves that branch from it, reaching every inch, every nook and cranny of your body.  Your nervous system is like the big supercomputer that runs YOU.  As long as your nervous system can carry the information from your brain all the way to your body, you should have the very best health possible.  This is normal.  This is SO IMPORTANT that your brain and your spinal cord are the only bodyparts protected by hard bone.  Even your heart and lungs are more vulnerable to injury and damage.  How often do you hear of someone getting stabbed or shot in the spinal cord or brain?  Not nearly as often as you hear of people getting wounded in the heart or lungs.  Your creator was certainly thinking ahead when you were designed.

If You Interfere With The Nervous System You Interfere With Health

If the function of the nervous system – which is to carry information from your brain, through your spine and to your body in order to command and control all your body’s functions – is disturbed, if there is interference, your body will not be able to do what it was designed and programmed to do.  Your body will not be able to function or heal properly.  Your body will not receive the information to follow the program and it will do its own thing.

Chiropractors Remove Nervous System Interference

Chiropractors Remove Health Interference

By removing any interference that is preventing the nervous system from doing its job, the ability of your nervous system to carry information from your brain to your body can be restored.  By restoring normal nervous system function, you restore the body’s normal function.  When the body functions normally, it can heal and health can be restored.   As doctors, chiropractors have the unique responsibility and role of detecting nervous system interference and correcting nervous system function by removing that interference through chiropractic adjustments.  As this is performed, the nervous system can regain normal function, the body can regain normal function and it can heal.

So how, you might be asking, does this relate to lower back pain?  The lumbar region of your spine is located in your lower back.  The nerves that emerge from the spine in this region command the muscles, bones and joints in this same region of the body, as well as the hips, buttocks and legs, all the way to the toes.  The nerves also control the internal organs in this region of the body – small intestine, large intestine, kidneys, bladder, reproductive organs, but that’s a topic for another post.  If the nerves carrying signals in the lumbar or any region of the spine are experiencing interference, it is called subluxation.

A combination of improper motion or position of the spinal vertebrae in this region has compromised the ability of these nerves to transmit signals normally out to the muscles, bones and joints in the area.  The muscles, bones and joints of the lower back, hips, buttocks and legs can be affected.  Muscles will tighten and have difficulty loosening.  Muscles move joints and these tight muscles now prevent the joints from moving fully or moving in the proper manner.  These tight muscles and stiffened joints begin to wear out and become damaged.  The damage, or injury, may be minimal at first, but over time gets worse.  As you try to use or move these damaged or injured body parts, you experience pain or an outright inability to perform certain movements because muscles have become weak and joints have become fixated in improper alignment, or misalignment.

Chiropractic adjustments are the only solution to combine restoration of spinal alignment and resetting of normal nerve signaling, allowing muscles to relax and facilitate the restoration of spinal alignment, normal nerve function and normal muscle tone.  Patients often experience immediate pain relief when adjustments are performed due to this treatment triple play.  Figuratively speaking, the body breathes a sigh of relief as it can finally begin the healing process of health restoration.  With continued adjustments over time, the healing process can continue until lasting changes in the body’s function, alignment and structure are achieved.