Massage.  Even the word itself sounds relaxing as you say it.  No longer considered a guilty pleasure, massage therapy is considered an essential part of a healthy wellness lifestyle.  Of course, the obvious benefits of a good massage are the melting away of muscle tension from a build up of stress, but you may have never asked yourself “What are the benefits of massage?”.  Well know you can answer that question.

Massage Reduces Pain

Massage is shown to reduce pain.  Since approximately 80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives, it’s nice to know that massage can be helpful if that back pain involves muscles that are tight or in spasm.  Further, massage therapy also seems to be helpful in reducing pain for those living with osteoarthritis.

Massage Improves Sleep

Research from University of Miami has also shown that the calming touch of a good quality massage can help you spend more time in the deep restorative stage of sleep where the body repairs and renews itself each night.

The Many Benefits of Massage

Since massage can improve circulation throughout the body, it makes sense that it can also boost circulation of your immune system’s white blood cells which help ward off colds and other illnesses.  By promoting relaxation, massage can help improve your mental focus and concentration for completing difficult or complex mental tasks.  Massage therapy has been shown to aid patients receiving cancer treatment by improving immune system function, relaxation and sleep quality while reducing fatigue, nausea, anxiety and pain.  Many studies show promise for massage therapy showing positive effects in boosting mood for those suffering with depression.  Tension headache involving tight muscles in the neck and shoulders often respond very well to massage.  Regular session with your massage therapist can certainly be effective in minimizing chronic headaches of this type.  Chronic headache sufferers who utilize regular massage therapy often experience headaches that are less frequent, less intense and of less duration.

Research Shows That Massage Reduces Stress

The reduced stress experienced after massage therapy is backed up by science.  Research has shown that cortisol, a major stress hormone, is lower with massage therapy.  Since stress is usually an ongoing problem, so too should your massage therapy for stress reduction be a great weapon in your arsenal for minimizing the effects of stress on your body and health.

Can I have aromatherapy during my massage?

Massage is also a great way to experience the benefits of aromatherapy.  Your massage therapist might ask you if you’d like to receive aromatherapy as part of your session.  Your therapist might use massage lotion that is scented with a certain essential oil or blend of oils.  They may also diffuse essential oils in the massage therapy room for you to smell and enjoy breathing in.  Your massage therapist may choose a relaxing oil such as lavender or they may choose peppermint or eucalyptus to open your airways and enhance your breathing.  Your massage therapist will always use health grade essential oils that are natural and safe to use.

If you are sensitive to scents, please do let the office know ahead of time.  We will ensure that your massage therapist uses unscented, hypoallergenic massage lotion, and will place you in a room that has not had aromatherapy performed in it that day.  All of the clinic’s linens are washed with unscented hypoallergenic laundry detergent.