Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

What is “deep tissue” massage?

Simply put, deep tissue massage involves the manipulating the deeper layers of muscle in the body. It also is a technique that is used to reach the connective tissue surrounding muscles, called “fascia.” This type of massage involves firm pressure, and slow-moving strokes on the particular area of the body being worked.

The Benefits

So why would you ever want a deep tissue massage? Deep tissue massage can help alleviate many painful conditions. Those conditions include sore back, sore shoulders, leg pain, and stiffness, or for other chronic areas of pain. If you are an athlete or someone who just likes to work out, and you have sustained an injury, a deep tissue massage in Vaughan can help with the pain, and actually assist in a faster recovery.

Deep tissue massage from a registered massage therapist are generally used to focus on specific conditions. If you have posture problems, sciatica, or a limited range of motion, deep tissue can help. While this is not necessarily backed up with scientific research, many people polled in a recent Consumer Reports survey that 34,000 people ranked deep tissue massage, overseeing a physician or even seeking out other alternative medicine like a chiropractor.

What To Expect

If you have ever had a Swedish massage in the past, then a deep tissue massage will be familiar with you, as many of the strokes and movements are similar. It is not a “harder” form of a massage, but it is designed to break up scar tissue. It is also for getting rid of “knots” deep in muscles, which can affect the body’s circulation.

During the process there is a warm-up, to get the muscles and fascia to loosen up. Once the warm-up process completes, there are a couple of techniques that are used to perform the deep tissue massage. One is called “friction,” which is a form used to apply pressure across the muscle fibers. This helps to release anything that is adhering to areas and get things realigned. “Stripping” is another technique that involves a deep, gliding pressure along the length of the muscles using various body parts.

You can expect the massage therapist to use their fingers, elbows, and forearms during a deep tissue massage. Also, during the process, you may be asked to breathe deeply, in order to assist in loosening up tense areas of your body. After the massage is over, you may feel some soreness, but that should go away after a couple of days. You should drink plenty of water after the deep tissue session, which helps with flushing out all the waste that was released during the massage.

A deep tissue massage from registered massage therapist should never hurt. Pressure is one thing, but if during your massage session you start to feel pain, that is never a good thing, and it is not an indicator that the massage is “working”. Pain will cause you to tense up, and that works against the entire purpose of the deep tissue massage. Let your therapist know immediately if you start to experience pain during your session so that they can adjust.

A deep tissue massage can provide a world of benefits depending on your needs. Whether you have had a serious injury in need of rehabilitation, or a chronic condition like severe back pain, deep tissue massage can help to relieve, or eliminate your pain, and thus improve your quality of life. Always do your research and seek out a qualified and properly trained deep tissue massage therapist in Vaughan.