Physiotherapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Physiotherapy provides safe, effective care for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Our physiotherapists frequently treat people suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).  CTS occurs when the median nerve, which runs from your forearm into the palm of your hand, becomes compressed or squeezed at the wrist. The carpal tunnel is a narrow, rigid passageway of ligaments and bones at the base of the hand.   The carpal tunnel houses the median nerve and the tendons that flex the fingers. The median nerve also carries feeling from the palm side of the thumb, as well as second and third digits and part of the fourth digit, upwards to the spine and brain.

Woodbridge Physiotherapist treats Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Symptoms usually start gradually, with numbness, tingling, weakness, and sometimes pain in the hand and wrist. You might have difficulty with tasks such as driving or reading a book. You may have difficulty with fine motor skills.   Weakness of hand or finger grip may make it difficult to grasp small objects or perform other manual tasks. Fine motor control and manual dexterity may be affected.

Contributing factors to the cause and progression of carpal tunnel syndrome can include trauma or injury to the wrist, especially repetitive stresses or activities.  Even a history of a previous car accident, whether recent or years earlier, can be a risk factor contributing to carpal tunnel syndrome. Less directly, health conditions that cause swelling, thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and fluid retention during pregnancy can also lead to these symptoms. Women are three times more likely than men to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. The disorder usually occurs only in adults.

Your medical doctor may recommend surgery, however the long term success rates of surgical procedures for carpal tunnel syndrome hovers around 15%. In patients that have undergone surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, 85% of them report a return of the symptoms after 6 months to up to 7 years later. Even in the short term, the success rate of the surgery accomplishing a resolution of symptoms is only 50-60% at best for the first time undergoing surgery, and then the short-term success rate after subsequent surgeries is even less. Surgeons however, will often claim a 90% success rate for surgery because they will consider ANY partial improvement, no matter how short-lived, to be a successful outcome. Often times, the patient is misdiagnosed and the risky surgery ends up having been a complete waste of time and money lost to missed work and missing out on other activities during recovery.

Another common solution offered by medical doctors is drugs, which only mask the symptoms without correcting any problem or facilitating any healing. These drugs prescribed may carry dangerous or significant side effects that interfere with daily life.

Safe, gentle and effective physiotherapy for treating carpal tunnel syndrome is available without resorting to and relying on drugs or surgery. Our physiotherapists offer several treatment options available to help you relieve your carpal tunnel syndrome, restoring proper function and get you back to living your life right here in Vaughan. Call 905-417-5272 too book your physiotherapy appointment now!