Chosen Best Chiropractor in Vaughan 2020 by Quality Business Awards

We are extremely proud that Dr. Matthew Bortolussi has been chosen Best Chiropractor in Vaughan for 2020 by Quality Business Awards

Quality Business Awards has named us Best Chiropractor in Vaughan for 2020!   We are very proud and excited to share this with you!

We are extremely proud that Dr. Matthew Bortolussi has been chosen Best Chiropractor in Vaughan for 2017 and 2018 by Vaughan Citizen Readers’ Choice!

Best Chiropractor in Vaughan

Hi I’m Dr. Matthew Bortolussi and I’m proud to share that I’ve been voted Best Chiropractor by Quality Business Awards for 2020, as well as Vaughan Citizen Readers’ Choice in 2017 and 2018, and Top Choice Awards in 2013.  I’d like to spend some time with you today to help you develop a better understanding of chiropractic in my office, and to make sure you’re in the right place to receive the care you need.

There can be many reasons why people like you visit Vellore Chiropractic & Wellness Centre – acute pain, a health crisis, or chronic health problems.  Others feel that they are already very healthy, and want to prevent any future problems, attain optimal health, and enjoy a better quality of life.  Our goal is not only to help you become healthy now, but to also help you be healthy for a lifetime.

To help you understand what chiropractors do, let’s start with a basic understanding of the chiropractic premise.  Your nervous system, consisting of your brain, spinal cord and nerves, controls and coordinates every single function in your body.  Over 200,000 nerve impulses per second, travel from your brain, down your spinal cord, through the nerves, to and from every cell of your body.  Without you thinking about it at all, your hair grows, your heart beats, you digest your food, you breathe through your lungs, you experience all your emotions, and even think your thoughts, while your central nervous system controls and coordinates all these functions.  To put it simply, you live your life through your nervous system.  Every function in your body and all of your senses completely depend on your nervous system.

Best Chiropractor in Vaughan Dr Matthew Bortolussi

When your nerve energy flows normally, without obstruction, your body and brain are 100% self-communicating, self-healing, self-regulating and robust.  Self-communicating means that your brain and body communicate with each other without your even thinking about it! When you cut your finger, you are the one who heals you, not the ointment that you put on the cut, or the stitches you may receive. That is self-healing!  Self-regulating means this process is automatic. For example, your resting heart rate might be 72 beats per minute. When you go for a run, your heart rate goes way up, but when you rest again, it settles back to 72 beats per minute. That’s self-regulating!  Robust means vital and energized!  So in its normal state, your body is regulates itself and heals itself.

When your body experiences any type of nerve interference or damage (which is called subluxation), this interrupts normal nerve flow, like a fog blocking the view, and you are no longer functioning at 100%. As a result, your health and vitality are compromised and your body is no longer 100% self-healing or self-regulating.

Subluxation is caused by your body’s inability to handle three major types of stress – physical, chemical, and psychological (mental/emotional).  Left uncorrected, subluxations has devastating effects upon your health and well-being, leading to breakdown, malfunction and dis-ease.  Our goal is to locate subluxation and remove them and their causes, allowing your body to heal itself on every level.  Just like only dentists can determine if your tooth has a cavity, only chiropractors can determine if you have subluxation, which could be why you haven’t heard of this before from your medical doctor or other health care providers.  Let’s look further at how stress causes subluxation.  When you have more stress than your body can handle, you can no longer adapt to the environment, causing nerve interference in your body (or subluxation).  This can cause all kinds of health problems.

You may experience physical stress, for example, when you lift heavy things, are involved in a motor vehicle accident, step off a curb the wrong way, sit at your computer for too long, don’t exercise enough or exercise improperly, or are involved in sports activities.

Chemical stress comes from the food, water, and the air you breathe, which can be full of chemicals, pollutants, toxins, preservatives, sugar, caffeine or too much salt and fat.  And let’s not forget alcohol, prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs you may take.

Finally, there’s psychological stress, which includes the gradual build up of pressure and anxiety from childhood, school, work, relationships and deadlines, to name a few.

Subluxation may lead to all sorts of health problems.  For example, what if you were subluxated and didn’t have proper nerve supply to your head and neck?  You may have headaches, neck pain, brain fog, memory problems, and eyes, ears, nose, throat or sinus disorders.

If you had subluxations in your mid-back area, where nerves travel to your digestive and immune system organs, along with mid-back or shoulder pain, you may experience gas, bloating or heartburn. Or you may face immune system challenges, and get sick quite frequently.

If you had lower back subluxations, where nerves travel down to your legs, reproductive organs, prostate, ovaries, uterus and bowel, along with low back pain, leg pain or numbness, you may also suffer from infertility, prostate problems, PMS, constipation or diarrhea.

It’s important to know, that you may have subluxations, and not even know that you have them.  A common misunderstanding is that you are healthy when you have no pain or symptoms. But, have you ever known someone who felt fine, and then suddenly, they had a heart attack or discovered they had diabetes or even cancer?  The truth is, that person was sick for a long time before they had any symptoms, and in some cases, the first symptom was death.

Now that you understand the importance of a properly functioning nervous system, it is also important that you understand that there are two types of chiropractors.  One type is a limited scope practitioner. This type of chiropractor chooses to limit their practice and deals only with back and neck pain.  If you’re a hitchhiker on the road to health, they bring you to the next gas station.

The other type of chiropractor, like Dr. Matthew, is a wellness chiropractor. A wellness chiropractor can help you not only feel better, but has advanced training in getting to the underlying cause of your problem and showing you ways to stop recreating problems, so you can experience optimal health for life.  We can help you complete the journey to full and optimal health.  We use the best evaluation methods and technology available today for assessing and measuring the health of your nervous system along the way.

Once you understand your health, the problems you are facing with it, and the options available, you can make the best choice on where to take your health both today and for the rest of your life.