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The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) is the City of Vaughan’s new downtown.  Anchored at Highway 7 and Jane Street, VMC is fast becoming the new heart of the community, bringing in innovation, new talent, and urban amenities. 

The VMC is one of Canada’s largest master planned communities.  With the Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC) Line 1 Extension, the new Viva Bus Rapidway on Highway 7, and the new SmartCentres Place Bus Terminal, residents and businesses are offered seamless connectivity throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). 

Top employers such as KPMG are leveraging the nearby residential developments and urban amenities to attract new talent and new residents to the area.  KPMG occupies VMC’s first office building, the 15-storey KPMG Tower at SmartCentres Place, where over 600 employees currently work. Additional tenants include GFL Environmental Inc., Miller Thomson and Harley-Davidson Canada. 

Vaughan is one of Canada’s largest economic hubs, with approximately 12,000 small, medium and large businesses.  The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre will redefine urban downtowns for the 21st century, as it becomes a desired location of choice to live and work.  This makes Vaughan a strategic investment for any business. 

At the heart of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre are its intermodal transit services. The Toronto Transit Commission, York Region Rapid Transit Corporation and Metrolinx combine to provide bus transit within York Region and into Toronto, while connecting to the subway system which connects all areas of the Greater Toronto area.   

A modern work-life balance with a quick commute to work, beautiful new housing options, a fresh take on outdoor green space and a short walk to urban amenities are all possible with the uniquely planned setup that Vaughan Metropolitan Centre offers.  The downtown residential neighbourhoods will feature amenity-rich condo towers and townhomes, strategically surrounded and integrated with beautiful green spaces and urban parks. 

Edgeley Pond and Black Creek Park will feature trails, through natural landscapes with calm waters to inspire your creativity or deliver you to the various mass transit options in the area. 

The Interchange at the VMC will be the destination of a lively bar scene, restaurants and nightlife venues. 

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Line 1, also known as the Yonge-University Line, connects Vaughan to York University campus and beyond.  For subway riders, it’s only a quick 7-minute ride from Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station to York University Station, and a 45-minute ride brings you all the way to Union Station. The Viva Bus Rapidway and SmartCentre Place Bus Terminal carry bus passengers throughout York Region.   

Highway 400 and 407 ETR are mere minutes’ away from Vaughan Metropolitan Centre by automobile.  Highway 407 Station and Pioneer Village Station along the subway line provide commuters with ample vehicle parking. 

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is composed of districts, based on the land-use allowances and directions of the urban planners to create a complete experience and best use of the available area.  They are as follows: 

The Core is the centre of the VMC and will become Vaughan’s new emerging downtown. 

The Entertainment District will include major entertainment anchors such as cultural facilities, museums, and regional sports-entertainment venues, making it a year-round destination. 

Edgeley Pond and Park is located at the northeast corner of Highway 7 and Jane Street.  It features an ecological landscape design with water views, natural feature, and a system of trails. 

South Black Creek will form the southern end of the VMC’s green corridor along Jane Street with a series of plazas, promenades and parks to allow access to the environmental open space and the water’s edge. 

Creditstone Corporate is an area of premium employment land in Vaughan and an eastern gateway to the VMC with high-quality design, streetscapes and urban offices. 

Central Park is a general use park space intended for an unlimited range of use spread over the park span of multiple city blocks. The VMC’s Central Park will attract millions of annual visitors for all seasons. 

Central Park North will provide everyday living amenities within the district, while being within walking distance of the urban amenities and modern transit services of The Core. 

Business Enterprise Park will become the desierable centre of the VMC business community, offering high-traffic visibility for brand exposure from both the regional express Highway 400 and 407 ETR.  

The Corporate Innovation Campus is a corridor for world-class executive offices and talented professionals. 

The Avenue Seven South district is intended to be a mixed-use area, with office space, residential dwellings, and retail services including hospitality and entertainment uses all integrated together. 

The South Community is a mixed-use community district with a residential focus, with a school campus at its core, and anchored to a neighbourhood park 

The Mobility Hub marries a world-class transit experience and primary point-of- arrivals, to welcome people to and from the VMC at all times of the day. People can arrive or depart for work, and visitors can stay well into the evening hours while exploring the downtown core and surrounding areas.