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Emily Carr Secondary School

This high school is located on Rutherford Road in the Woodbridge area of Vaughan, Ontario.  Most of the students come from the many several public elementary schools in the surrounding area, including Fossil Hill Public School, Vellore Woods Public School, Pierre Berton Public School, Elders Mills Public School and Lorna Jackson Public School.

Woodbridge College

Located on Bruce Street in Woodbridge, this school was originally named Woodbridge High School when established in 1958.  It was renamed Woodbridge College in 1991 when it transformed into an alternative school for students from seventh grade and up.  Approximately 500 students are enrolled in the school.  In 2015, a French immersion program was added alongside its English-speaking curriculum.  Nearby Vaughan Secondary School had already  been offering this program, thus its boundary was altered to allow for the two schools to provide the program without conflict.  Woodbridge College has a wyvern for its mascot.  The FIRST Robotics Competition team which represents the school is thus named Wyvern Robotics.

Tommy Douglas Secondary School

Tommy Douglas Secondary School was newly built along Major Mackenzie Drive West in Woodbridge, Ontario and opened in 2015.  Named for the innovator of universal health care in Canada, known in Ontario as OHIP.  The school’s feeder boundaries are Highway 400 to the east and Pine Valley Drive to the west, Rutherford Road to the south and King-Vaughan Townline to the north.

Vaughan College Preparatory School

Vaughan College is located on Weston Road in Woodbridge, Ontario.  It is an inspected private school by the Ontario Ministry of Education.  Day, evening and summer school classes are offered here.  The students wear uniforms to reinforce responsibility and discipline as well as equality.  The student-teacher ratio is kept at 15:1 or better.

Toronto District Christian High School

This secondary school is situated on Woodbridge Avenue in the Woodbridge area of Vaughan, Ontario.  The school was founded in 1960, based on the strength of support for the Christian school movement at the elementary level, now ready to develop at the secondary school level.  The first classes began in 1963, taught inside the Second Christian Reformed Church of Toronto.  In 1964, a campaign raised $30,000 to purchased fifteen acres of land in Woodbridge, Ontario, on which the new school building would be constructed.  A separate fundraising campaign collected $115,000 towards the construction cost of $150,000 required for the building.  In 1965 the new school building opened, including a gymnasium and eight classrooms.  Four additional classrooms were added in 1970.  In 1974 a library, art room, staff room and commons area were built, as were more classrooms and washrooms.  In 1986, further construction prepared the school to be able to offer computer classes, home economics, music and industrial shop classes.  Offices for guidance counselling were also included in this expansion.  In the year 2000, a major renovation took place, with heating and lighting systems, insulation, windows and roof being replaced.  In 2001, additional classroom space was added, as were a performance centre and information technology department.  In order to accommodate these new facilities, much of the original building was demolished.  In 2002 the gym received a new floor.  In 2003, the performance centre and gym were expanded while a fitness centre and new computer workstations were also added to the facility.  In 2004 the parking lot expansion began onto an adjacent piece of property.  In 2005 the mortgage as paid off and mortgage papers ceremoniously burned.